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We believe in games

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To our one-day players:

We believe you – like us! – come to games for broad, sweeping, holistic experiences that overwhelm you. And we will fight and strive to wow you not just with games to play, but lifestyles to embrace, communities to belong, sports to live by, worlds-come-alive to immerse yourselves in and fall in love with.

We will treat every investment you make in our worlds as sacred. We will work hard to be worthy of every hour, every dollar, every drop of sweat, every smile you crack and tear you shed. We will strive to realize your impossible dreams, and we will measure ourselves by your belief in us.

Join the journey

We are building a world-class team to serve players for years to come. If you believe in games, we believe in you.

About Us

Believer is a global games company with developers all over the world, headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

We’ve built our lives around creating and serving games we’re proud of — from Words With Friends to League of Legends, from Destiny to PvZ. We hope you’ve enjoyed them, and if our wishes have come true, you’re still playing them today.

We still think this is just the beginning.

We believe the last half-century of progress in games has culminated in a global congregation of players, creators, and technologies that can now make the difference between possible and impossible. We believe this is a singular moment in the history of games: player dreams that were previously wild and unattainable are now within our grasp.

We’ve worked hard to unite the best and bravest game creators we know, to deliver next-generation experiences equal to this unparalleled moment of possibility.

We are Believers, bonded together by a deep love for players, and a commitment to put them at the center of the games we create, the worlds we build, the stories we tell, and the business we run to keep the fun going for as long as players keep believing.